Philippines-China Economic Partnership Forum Opened in Manila
       On June 5, the Philippines-China Economic Partnership Forum Opened in Manila. 
President Arroyo attended the opening ceremony and delivered the keynote speech. 
In her speech, the President pointed out that trade and economic co-operation between 
the Philippines and China has made great achievements in recent years. The forum 
aimed at drawing up a blueprint for bilateral economic and trade co-operation and is of 
great significance. The President said she was also full of confidence for the future 
development of bilateral economic and trade relations.
      Philippine House Speaker Jose De Venecia Jr., Hon. Peter Favila , Secretary of Trade 
and Industry of the Philippines and Hon. Bo Xilai , Minister of Commerce of China also 
addressed the forum. Minister Bo Xilai said in his speech that the Sino-Philippine economic 
and trade cooperation has developed quickly. Last year, the trade volume reached 17.6 billion 
US$,  more than 270 times of the figure when diplomatic relationship was established between
 the two countries 30 years ago. The cooperation in infrastructure, agriculture, mining and 
tourism is expanding with huge potentials. After the ceremony, Minister Bo Xilai and Secretary 
Peter Favila signed the memorandum of understanding for establishing economic partnership 
between China and the Philippines, laying out the key areas of bilateral co-operation in 
infrastructure, mining, griculture and tourism. 
The forum is the biggest ever of economic and trade forum between China and the 
Philippines up to date, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the 
Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines. Nearly 300 members from Chinese 
ministries of commerce, foreign affairs, agriculture, central monetary agencies, large 
enterprises, and officials and entrepreneurs from 19 provinces and municipalities of China 
attended the forum. About 300 Philippine business leaders also joined the forum. 
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