Ambassador Liu Jian Chao Opens the Exhibition of Chinese Paintings at Metropolitan Museum

In celebration of the 34th anniversary of China-Philippine Diplomatic Relations and the 8th Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day, the Chinese Embassy and the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Associations of the Philippines co-sponsor a 30-day exhibition of the Chinese paintings of Lingnan School titled "Great Fusion: Chinese and Foreign, Ancient and Modern" at the Metropolitan Museum, Manila. In the afternoon on 8 June, the Chinese Ambassador Liu Jianchao announced the opening of the exhibition. The following is the full text of Ambassador Liu's welcoming remarks.

Your Honorable Ronaldo Allarey (Assistant Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs),

Respectful Dr. Peter Ty (Chairman of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Associations of the Philippines),

Your Honorable Eric B. Zerrudo (Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila),

Your Honorable Malou Jacob (Deputy Executive Director of the National Commission for Culture and Arts),

Artists from China,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome and thank you all for coming to the exhibition of the Chinese paintings of Lingnan School, the "Great Fusion: Chinese and Foreign, Ancient and Modern".

Originated in late Qing Dynasty or around 100 years ago, the Lingnan School holds a significant role in the history of Chinese painting. Its zeal for blending East and West, and for merging past and present was once regarded revolutionary. However, it's insights into the national consciousness and humanity have now been widely accepted and acclaimed.

When it comes to Chinese arts, people would often think of scroll landscape paintings. As a matter of fact, China is experiencing all-round profound changes. These changes have provided a rich source of inspiration for Chinese artists and enabled them to bring their talent, imagination and creativity into full play. The Chinese artists are seizing the opportunity to explore new and, sometimes, bold approaches to visualize their ideas on paper with water and ink. That's why we see these fascinating works of art here this afternoon.

In the 21st century, the information technology and network have linked us all together. Different cultures live together and influence each other. No culture can flourish in isolation. That's why China cherishes her own traditions while drawing on other's cultural excellence. Today, overseas students from China could be easily spotted on university campuses of the Philippines. More and more Philippine young people are keen on learning Chinese as a foreign language. The cultures and arts of various parts of our two countries are featured on TV screen, radio and print media in both China and the Philippines. ABS-CBN's drama series like Pangako Sa Yo (in China known as the Promise) turned out to be a great success in China, giving our couch potatoes every reason to stay up late. This Exhibition which opens on the eve of the 34th anniversary of the China-Philippine diplomatic relationship will contribute its bit to the understanding between our two countries.

I hope you would enjoy these masterpieces representing the best of Chinese arts.

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