Ambassador Huang turned over China aid to Foreign Secretary Locsin to help fight COVID-19


At around 5 O'clock on March 21, a chartered flight full of urgently-needed medical materials donated by Chinese government to the Philippines to support its fight against the COVID-19, arrived in Manila international airport. Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian and Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Locsin attended a brief turnover ceremony held in the airport warehouse.  

Ambassador Huang said that this is a difficult time for both China and the Philippine who are fighting hard against the COVID-19. China will always remember the valuable support rendered by the Philippines earlier to our fight against the epidemic. As now the Philippines is facing a severe epidemic situation, the Chinese side feels keenly for the Philippine people. Despite its own difficulties, the Chinese government raised the most urgently-needed medical materials in a short period for the Philippines, including 100,000 test kits, 100,000 surgical masks, 10,000 N95 masks, and 10,000 sets of personal protective equipment, and delivered the aforesaid materials with chartered flight due to lack of commercial flights.


Ambassador Huang stressed that the donation by China has not only demonstrated the brotherhood between China and the Philippines, but also reflected the Chinese vision of a community of shared future for mankind as advocated by President Xi Jinping. Huang hoped that these materials could lend a helping hand to the fight of the Philippine government and people against the epidemic. Huang also pledged that China will continue to actively share its prevention and control experience with the Philippines and the Chinese embassy will provide assistance within its capacity and mobilize Chinese community and Chinese enterprises here to assist with the Philippine government's fight against the virus. 

Ambassador Huang voiced his belief that under the strong leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine government and people will certainly secure an early victory over the virus and return to normal life soon.

Secretary Locsin, on behalf of the Philippine government and people, expressed his sincere appreciation to the Chinese government and people. He stressed this is "a tremendous help from China" to the Philippines during time of crisis.


Secretary Locsin lauded China for being a global model in the fight against the coronavirus. He called for countries around the world to "start working together to help each other", instead of blaming each other. China's help to the Philippines is "concrete prove". "This is how we tackle a common threat to humanity; together we help each other as much as we can," he added.

Specifically, Secretary Locsin said the lockdown measure that China imposed at the start of the outbreak was "the right thing" and made "a lot of sense" . "In fact we've adopted it! The complete isolation of community as the President Rodrigo Duterte said "we need to starve the virus of victims." The one who showed the way was China," Locsin added.

Presidential Chief of Protocol and Foreign Affairs Adviser Roberto Borje, Department of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Brigido D. Dulay, Department of Health Undersecretary Mario C. Villaverde and Chinese Embassy's Political Counsellor Xie Yonghui also joined the ceremony. In light of the epidemic, the two side agreed to hold a simple and brief ceremony at the airport warehouse where the supplies were downloaded, and practiced social distancing.




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