Wang Yi Meets with Representatives of Palestine and Israel for Palestinian-Israeli Peace Symposium

On December 22, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Beijing with the representatives of Palestine and Israel who were in China for the 3rd Palestinian-Israeli Peace Symposium.

Wang Yi expressed that the convening of this Palestinian-Israeli peace symposium was really in time and of great significance against new changes in the Middle East situation. Over the past two days, both sides had in-depth discussions focusing on pushing forward the settlement of the Palestine-Israel issue and reached a series of consensus. In particular, both sides confirmed that the "two-state solution" is the only feasible way to solve the Palestine-Israel issue, representing both sides' yearning for and adherence to peace and providing constructive thinking for restarting Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, to which China expressed welcome and support.

Wang Yi stressed that the international community should jointly explore efforts in promoting peace to provide guarantees for Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. In particular, the parties that have great influence on the Middle East should earnestly play a constructive role, do more things that are conducive to the Middle East peace and conform to the common wishes of the international community. China is willing to continue playing a positive role in promoting Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

The representatives of Palestine and Israel spoke positively of China's proposal of holding this symposium under the current situation, appreciated that China holds an objective and impartial position on the Palestine-Israel issue, and supported the four-point proposal on the settlement of the Palestine-Israel issue put forward by President Xi Jinping, hoping that China will play a greater role in this issue.

The Palestinian side expressed that conflict and violence will only result in a no-win situation, and the peace featuring equality and cooperation is the win-win solution. The Palestinian side will not give up the hope of peace and will continue adhering to the peace process.

The Israeli side stated that the two-state solution is the only feasible solution to solve the Israel-Palestine issue, which is supported by most people of Israel and Palestine. Both sides need to look to the future, show their courage and boldness, make a political decision in time, and stay committed to realizing peace through dialogue.

Wang Yi expressed that the consensus reached at this symposium reflects the reasonable voices of the two nations and pools the strengths of both sides devoted to peace. History will prove that the strength of the people is the one that changes history and the voice of the people is the one that represents the future. Only by establishing a true State of Palestine, can Israel enjoy enduring security; only by comprehensively solving the Palestine-Israel issue, can the Middle East situation be fundamentally defused.

In a responsible manner to history, nation and next generations, Palestine and Israel should have the courage to restart peace talks so as to create a better future hand in hand. As a responsible major country and the common friend of Palestine and Israel, China is ready to continue making contributions to realizing peace in Palestine and Israel at an early date.

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